Tesla is indeed a valuable and reputable company, but it is no Apple. In fact, Apple’s extra cash is sufficiently enough to buy Tesla few times over. But Elon Musk is not that type of person to get feared by bigger names.  In fact, in an interview, Musk claimed about how Telsa’s retail stores stack up to Apple.

According to Electrek, Musk said during an interview “I think our sales per square foot are so high, you need a telescope to see who’s in second place. It’s like stupidly high.”  Tesla’s VP of Global Sales added that “Our sales per square foot are so high, it actually moves the industry average.”

That is a certain cut at Apple, which has since quite a while ago dominated the “sales per square foot” metric. Apple’s one of a kind store that has been portrayed as the ideal approach to offer low-volume, high-edge items, however, it appears that Tesla is in fact improving.

Obviously, there’s a wide range of reasons why this isn’t generally a reasonable battle. Tesla’s stores are ordinarily little, and there are around five times less Tesla stores in the US than Apple stores.

Tesla can escape with the low number of stores, contrasted with Apple, since comfort isn’t such a major factor in purchasing a $90,000 auto. You’re most likely not willing to drive two or four hours just to go get a phone, yet it’s a much more sensible thing to accomplish for an auto.

As opposed to the correlation with Apple, however, a Tesla correlation with traditional auto dealerships is all the more intriguing. Tesla’s refusal to take after the ordinary dealership model for auto deals has for quite some time been a curiosity and has even landed it stuck in an unfortunate situation recently. In any case, in light of the numbers Tesla is attempting to sell, it appears that a direct retail channel can work remarkably well for autos.

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