Elon Musk, the serial entrepreneur, deleted the official Facebook pages for two of his largest companies, SpaceX and Tesla.

Following the Facebook data breach scandal, #DeleteFacebook was trending all over Twitter, forcing facebook user’s and companies to delete their accounts and pages from Facebook.

Elon Musk supported #DeleteFacebook campaign in an ‘Elon-Musk-way’:

The Cambridge Analytica debacle is here to last for a really long time and some people think of it as ‘the end of Facebook’.
As soon as the scandal was unveiled, declaring Facebook’s policies as a threat to Facebook user’s privacy, the ‘hashtag’ started surfacing all over the internet, especially on Twitter.
The series of hashtag were received by Elon Musk after he replied to a Twitter post regarding a story from The Verge about Sonos pulling its ads from Facebook and Instagram for one week.


Soon after his tweet, people started commenting on it, suggesting Elon Musk to delete the official Facebook pages of Tesla and SpaceX.

“Didn’t realize there was one (page)” – said Elon Musk

Billionaire’s one tweet picked up steam real quick, which lead to a number of comments. In a reply to one comment about deleting the SpaceX page, Elon replied that he “didn’t realize there was one,” and then vowed to delete it.
Another brilliant reply came forward by Musk when someone asked about deleting the Tesla page from Facebook, on which he said, “Definitely. Looks lame anyways.”

Elon Musk’s repelling behaviour towards Facebook isn’t unusual:

Lawsuits, blame and millions of dollars loss, Facebook is currently residing in hot water. Out of all these situations that have harmed the social media giant, one hashtag is proving to be the most dangerous.
Like we said, this is not the first time that Elon Musk expressed instant conflicting behaviour towards Facebook.
Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed conflicting opinions on their views of artificial intelligence. Musk, at that time, said that he had talked to Mark Zuckerberg on this issue and said: “his understanding of the subject is limited.

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