Australia has become a victim of a power outage for quite some time now and the recent power failure was the worst one in history.

After noticing the frequent blackouts in Australia, Elon declared that he would manufacture a 100 MW Powerpack in 100 days or sell it for free. To which in response Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes challenged Elon to make his claim a reality. And guess what? Elon indeed proved Mike wrong and won the bet.

According to Elon’s claims, if the whole 100 MW Powerpack is fully charged, it can power 8,000 homes for 24 hours or 30,000 homes for an hour during a blackout.

Musk even accepted the fact that if he lost the bet, it would cost him ‘probably $50 million or more’, according to the Fortune.

Jay Weatherill said that the testing would start ahead of December 1. He said, “It sends the clearest message that South Australia will be a leader in renewable energy with battery storage,” he said. “An enormous amount of work has gone into delivering this project in such a short time, and I look forward to visiting Jamestown next week to personally thank those who have worked on this project.”

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