“The Emoji Movie” is one of the most lowest rated movies on iMDb!


The iMDb score of “The Emoji Movie” is 1.4/10.

Here’s why the movie couldn’t live up to the hype. The critics say, “This failed attempt to create a story from a texting trend makes the worst comic book adaptation look like Shakespeare.”

It gained the worst 7% rating on rotten tomatoes, 1.4% on iMDb, and 3% on common sense media. It is also being said that the movie has similar beats as “Inside out”. Variety called it a “witless ‘Inside Out.'”

“There is a mumbled, shorthand moral about staying true to yourself in all this, but it is drowned out by the wall-to-wall cynicism that is ‘The Emoji Movie’s’ entire reason for existing in the first place.” Vulture in its review wrote.

The story revolves around a “Meh” emoji who has some sort of a personality disorder. A world inside a smartphone where each emoji has only a single expression, and there lives Gene (the Meh emoji) with his multiple moods.

Gene along with his famous friends like the Hi-five, the Poop, and the Jailbreak try to make things right. Moreover, this movie has become a Sony advertisement and it also features some apps like- Facebook, Candy Crush, and Spotify.

See what critics have to say about it being a Sony commercial, stupidest decision though.
“Vertically integrated product placement is to be expected, though the movie’s most egregious plausibility-breaking move is that it takes place on a Sony smartphone,” The AV Club wrote. “These emojis are halfway between Droid-designed purgatory and their vastly more popular Apple variants.”

The voice behind the poop emoji was of Sir Patrick Stewart’s voice. Patrick along with other voicing emojis like Anna Faris, James Corden, T.J. Miller, and Maya Rudolph couldn’t save the movie either.

“Miller might be down to get paid globally for the role of Gene, but he doesn’t bring a ton of personality to the role, which is kind of a problem since Gene’s whole character is based on the fact that he’s supposed to have a ton of personality. Corden gives a high-energy performance as Hi-5, but his material is thumbs-down emoji. His main running gag is a brutally literal one; his character keeps puking up a candy corn and eating it over and over.” ScreenCrush wrote.


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