Can you recall the good ol’ days when we used to go to shopping malls to buy products?Remember how we used to take hours, strolling through the mall, looking into countless shops, taking in the whole experience before checking out at the counter and leaving for home?


We haven’t gotten to point yet, and the aforementioned stuff would probably be more relevant to 2027 than 2017, but the countdown for shopping malls has been underway for some years. Here’s what shopping is going to be like in 2027!




Some digitally advanced brands are creating a new kind of retail store based on no inventory, and excellent experiences: customers enter an outstanding store, receive a high-level brand experience and purchase items that are shipped to them. Huge stores, with enormous inventories and sky-high payrolls are increasingly becoming a thing of the past.


Shopping malls are progressively being replaced by enormous, faceless companies that will take your order online or on the phone and mail it or ship it to you the same day or the next. Seems consumers are willing to forgo the whole shopping experience in order to receive the product at home or at the office quickly with utmost convenience.


For the time being, however, shoppers are still going to the stores, but they check out the prices of the stuff online, and usually they’re choosing the products online, that they will buy later from the stores. That day doesn’t seem too far away when people would do most of their shopping online, and jobs would massively decline in the retail industry.

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