Enjoy the new Pikachu filter on snapchat before its limited time ends!


The Snapchat fun app has introduced another new filter in collaboration with The Pokemon Company. The new filter will give you your favorite character: Pikachu

“For a limited time, The Pokémon Company International and Snap Inc. have partnered to launch a custom Pikachu Snapchat Lens. Fans who use the Lens will see Pikachu’s ears, nose, and bright-red cheeks appear over their own face. Then, they can open their mouth to hear Pikachu’s iconic voice as it jumps onto the screen and strikes a pose.” the official release said.

The filter gives you a Pikachu look and as soon as you open up your mouth, Pikachu appears, posing and making Pikachu sound in a cute way. The Pikachu lens is for a limited time so folks, use it before it goes away.

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