Everything is  Entertainment. You will need to be up to date. Of course it helps to know a celebrity or two.

If you look at the synonyms to entertainment. –amusement, pleasure, leisure, recreation, relaxation, fun, enjoyment, interest, diversion–you notice that it does not appear to have to do with work. So, we earlier in our recent past, either because our work was manual labor, or we were supervising laborers, entertainment was more, “of the mind,” yet, today, when most people work from a desk, (or even in the entertainment field), that which we call entertainment would be a busmen’s holiday, and not truly an escape at all. So, truly, entertainment now represents occupying the mind in a different way than normal.

-Entertainment SpeechIn the context of this series, an entertaining speech is one whose sole purpose is to have the audience enjoy the presentation. The purpose of an entertaining speech is not to educate, inform or inspire … it is to make the audience smile, relax, enjoy and maybe even laugh their heads off.Entertaining speeches are funny, they do not need to include humor to be entertaining. Dramas are entertaining but not funny.

How do you make a speech entertaining?
There are many ways to entertain an audience. You can:

  • tell jokes
  • tell funny stories
  • dramatize an anecdote
  • tell a scary story

When it comes right down to it … there are probably as many ways to entertain as there are entertainers … and audiences.

That said, there are some guidelines to creating an entertaining speech.

  • Chose an appropriate topic:
    You don’t want the topic to be too dense, complicated or heavy. Remember, you’re not trying to give your audience a greater understanding of anything. You’re there to help them have a good time.
  • Enjoy yourself:
    Believe it or not, it is hard for an audience to enjoy your presentation if it looks like you are not enjoying presenting it!
  • Keep it simple:
    Your presentation should be easy to follow. Don’t make it hard for your audience to keep up with you mentally … or in any other way.

Is entertainment necessary in life?

Entertainment doesn’t just have to come in the forms of watching people perform in sports, movies, or music, and it also goes beyond reading. Life requires entertainment in order to relax, get excited, and take a break from the details that make life boring, stressful, and just plain annoying. When a person is away from other people for a long period of time, what happens? That person goes crazy. There is almost too much evidence of people hallucinating when they are alone and away from the entertainment that comes with communicating with other people and the simple entertainment of looking at someone’s face. The mind’s imagination proves that we cannot go without entertainment, because we start to make things up when waiting in line for coffee. When in the waiting-room at the hospital we tend to make stuff up that scares us, or we think about something calming in order to not cry and scream. While entertainment today feels more complex than the imagination, it really makes us too lazy to dream something up on our own.

This could be the reason why there are no real composers in our time.Entertainment is necessary; it should also be known that entertainment should be balanced out so that it does not slowly fade away into something that is really not entertaining at all because no one can access their imaginations any longer. In order for entertainment to get better, (which it should), we must all take some time to get away from it all and we should see if we can do anything ourselves without mimicking what has already been done or adding on to something that has already been stretched too thinly.

Entertainment is necessary for human development : 

We expend so much conscious and subconscious time, and energy, in our life thinking of, talking about, and seeking entertainment that, more often than not, we fail to consider what entertainment is..

Entertainment consists of any activity which provides a diversion or permits people to amuse themselves in their leisure time. Thus, though entertainment is usually associated with a source or means of amusement; the act of receiving or caring for guests; hospitable accommodation in the inn or dwelling of a host; the providing of food, lodging, and service to a guest; are all considered as entertainment.

Entertainment is generally passive, such as watching an opera or a movie. Active forms of amusement, such as sports, are more often considered to be recreation. Activities such as personal reading or practising a musical instrument are considered to be hobbies.

Watching Tv can improve your knowledge about world, diffrent culture, diffrent people, also relax you from your daily work.

Playing sports makes you phisically active, reduce your stress, and makes your mind free from tension.

Hanging out with friends, Family for entertainment, Watching Theatre all help you to developes u.

It could be described as mental work without consequences. People describe their light reading as mind candy, and their crossword puzzles as time killers, meaningless diversions. Each person has different reaction to types of entertainment.The commonality is that entertainment occupies our time and our mind, doing something that has limited responsibility.

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