With Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8, Google Pixel 2 and many other devices around the corner, does Andy Rubin’s Essential phone really deserve your attention? Yes, it surely does.

The pictures of the phone were incredible, and so it is in reality. The phone holds the capacity to blow you away at your first glance. A 5.7-inch screen might be unusual for some people, but it is indeed a great screen-to-body ratio.

The body is something you won’t find anywhere else. It’s not any aluminium and glass to manufacture the phone, but ceramic and titanium are used instead to make it solid and tough than ever. It won’t make the phone indestructible, however, it’ll help you with the drops.

There are three colour options currently planned for the Essential Phone. There’s the standard black, which is already preparing to ship to customers, and also a white and a teal option. The black model picks up a ton of fingerprints, so if you’re slightly obsessed with keeping your phone clean, it’s probably wise to wait for the white model in a few weeks. Furthermore, the “ocean depths” colour is coming in the near future, but the exact launch date is yet to be released.

Another reason to consider the Essential phone is its software. The Snapdragon 835 provides plenty of power for the essentially Stock Android experience. The phone is faster as compared to other phones.  This is no uncertainty helped by the lack of changes Essential has made to Android, demonstrated well by the complete lack of bloatware.


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