When Essential Phone was announced back in May, it was shown off in four colour options – Black Moon, Pure White, Stellar Grey, and Ocean Depths. But when the device was made available to the customers in August, only the Black Moon colour was available. Now, finally, Pure White model is up for orders.

The pure White model will be able to buy on the company’s website, it’ll also be available through Amazon, Best Buy, and Sprint.

Though the device brought multiple performance and camera issues, the company has been putting in efforts to make significant improvements in getting the software up to speed. Recently, it was announced that a public beta for Android Oreo would be available in a couple of weeks, and along with this, further camera updates are in the works as well.

Pure White model is indeed a stunning one, but when competitive devices like the Note 8, LG V30 and Pixel 2 XL are available out there, it might be worth holding off for a while and getting something more until Essential finally completes this beta.


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