In the rapidly transforming world, EU decides to strengthen the availability of free of cost internet in public places throughout the entire EU nations for its citizens and visitors.

The project, named “WiFi4EU,” aims to set up a multilingual portal that will provide users a free of cost secure high-speed Internet connection. Users can also enjoy an easy access to the digital services of the public bodies offering the connection.

The programme is intended to give “every European village and every city with free wireless internet ac­cess around the main centres of public life by 2020“.

The European Commission wishes to promote free Wi-Fi connectivity for citizens and visitors in public spaces such as parks, squares, public building, libraries, health centres, and museums everywhere in Europe through WiFi4EU,” a commission said.

A grant allocated in the form of vouchers will be used to purchase and install state-of-the art equipment, such as local wireless access points, while the public authority will cover the running costs of the connection itself,”  an officials say.
An agreement – which is yet to be approved by the coalition’s council of Ministers and the European parliament plenary – characterizes the rules for the establishment of open Wi-Fi hotspots, in spite of the fact that it doesn’t indicate the correct subsidizing that will be reserved for the venture.

The funding will be allocated in a geographically-balanced manner across the EU countries and, in principle, on a first-come, first-served basis,” read a statement by the Council.

Municipalities, hospitals , libraries and other public bodies will be eligible to fund the installation of local wireless access points using standard administrative procedures, as indicated by the council.

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