Evan Spiegel sheds light on Facebook’s famous business policy


Evan Spiegel in an interview with Wired Jessi Hempel sheds light on Facebook’s famous business rule and made some judgmental remarks.

“One of the things that happens when you’re an innovator is there’s actually no benefit to being really, really fast,” Evan said.  “You’re the one creating the new stuff, so there’s no one who’s racing you. It’s actually very important that you are slow and deliberate.” 

Evan was referring to Facebook’s recent objective, “move fast and break things.” 

He criticized Mark for the way he’s testing new features on its user base every now and then. Whereas, Snapchat tests its new features internally before releasing them to users unlike Facebook.

The critical remarks coming from Evan against Facebook isn’t a surprise since both companies are in competition for ad dollars and user attention.

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