Ex-employee of Google started a new search company which has become a competitor of Google!


Whenever you search something, you see a long list of things related to your desired search. This usually takes too much time selecting through endless information.

To save your time, the ex-employee of Google (the youngest employee) started a new search company, known as Node.

Node emerged from stealth on Tuesday revealing a new way to discover information on the web by using AI to connect your business with the right opportunity at the best possible time.

The company works by listing down people, places, companies, and products instead of indexing webpages in order to use this date to connect customers to opportunities.

Fatemi started her career at Google at the age of 19. She worked there as a financial analyst for global strategic partnerships. After 6 years she left Google but she didn’t leave the startup world, started specializing in global expansion and building strategic partnerships. She had become a center point within her network because of the huge contacts she had made and from that point onwards she decided to create a search company that would do the same work she was doing.

“I was acting as the node within my own network facilitating opportunities with the right people at the right time,” she said.

“I realized there’s actually a bigger search and discovery problem that I was solving at a much smaller scale within my network,” says Fatemi. “But what if we could actually apply technology to almost accelerate serendipity at scale?”

Node is linked with Salesforce, and responds to customers questions like  “What company will be most interested in my product?”. Node connects you with the right company, people, and products at the right time.

“Search is really great when you know what you’re looking for, but we’re living in a world where there is more information created in a single day than in the past 90 years,” said Fatemi.

Avalon Ventures, Mark Cuban, NEA, and Canaan Partners funded $10.8 million to Node. On total, it has raised $16.3 million funding. The reason for staying undercover was to signify the intelligence of Node before official launching. Node has earned over $100 million in customer revenue and $4 billion in businesses and marketers revenue.

“At the end of the day, connecting to the right people, as an entrepreneur, as an individual, that’s what results in life-changing opportunities,” says Fatemi. “We are going to be able to discover and uncover things, people, companies, opportunities that we never even realized were out there.”

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