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Facebook is testing a new feature which will self-destruct friend request if not accepted by the user within 14 days.

Even when surrounded by controversies, the social media giant, Facebook, is coming up with new features to engage its users

We have discussed a lot of the Facebook Data Breach Scandal, but people just can’t stop talking about it. And by people I mean, other billionaires other than Mark Zuckerberg.

It’s not like the Facebook’s CEO kept quite, he did speak up, he apologized for allowing Cambridge Analytica to invade Facebook users’ privacy. He also apologized for not doing his job, handling users’ privacy and data.

Mark’s apologies were unheard among the ‘ Delete Facebook ’ chants:

The hashtag Delete Facebook is surfacing all over social media, even on Facebook’s site itself. The campaign is encouraging people and tech giant owners to delete their accounts and pages from Facebook.

When lawsuits, blame, millions of lost and controversies are flying towards the company, the minds at work and tragedy thought of coming up with a new feature.

Let’s talk a little about the new feature:

Remember how we used send friend request to our crushes and waited for few days for them to accept, and when they didn’t, we deleted the pending request and behaved as if we never sent it? No? …Only me?

Well, you don’t have to face the awkward situation alone because Facebook’s new feature will delete the pending request within 14 days.

The expiring friendship requests will help social media influencers and public figures:

The Facebook group owners and public figures can relate to the pain caused by a large number of pending requests. It’s impossible for them to delete those unwanted friendship requests, so this feature will help in self-destructing the pending requests, fortnightly.

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Moreover, the social media giant will introduce this feature once it fulfils the promise of safeguarding users data.

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