Have you ever wanted to be rich? Ever wished to have a gold coin rolling down on your lap each time you breathed? So rich that eating some gold wouldn’t be a thing to mind? (oh, except for the fact that it isn’t humanly possible) Everyone at some point in their lives dreamt of having all the riches in their life. Living in a gigantic home, eating food from a silver spoon, eating gold ice cream… umm wait what?!

Yes! Licking on some boring conventional ice cream is the thing of the past. Gold ice creams are the latest thing in the world. Snowopolis, an ice cream parlor in Anaheim, California has introduced this newest savory trove of glistening and sparkling gold ice cream which you can actually eat. Wooo.. Nice!

This ice cream is 24 Karat real gold which is harmless to human consumption and is completely tasteless. But when it is sprayed on top of the ice cream, it tastes just like the flavors of the ice cream itself.

After the famous Gold Donut and the Douche Burger, we have another extraordinary food item in the scene. All of the people with sweet tooth are crazily waiting for their local ice cream parlors to bring this babe into their stores so that they too nibble on this creamy savory gold jewel.

We cannot say anything about the taste yet, but from the looks of it, this ice cream looks amazing!!

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