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Travelling To Neelum Valley? You Don’t Want To Miss These Spots.

The Neelum Valley lies in the northernmost region of Azad Kashmir. The district was badly affected by the Kashmir earthquake in 2005 and even after that, this remains the favorite place for locals to travel

Before you start backpacking for Neelum Valley, you need to know about the following eyecandy places:

1- Sharda:

Sharda, also known as Shardi is a small town in Neelum Valley. It is located on the banks of the Neelum river at an altitude of 1981m, about 136 kilometres northeast of Muzaffarabad.

Sharda was a Buddhist and Hindu place of learning for centuries. It has the ruins of the famous temple and Hindu pilgrimage site Sharada Peeth, dedicated to the goddess Sharada.

Other historical sites in the town include the Sharda fort, and Kishan Ghaati. Sharda and Nardi are two mountain peaks overlooking Sharda in the valley. It was a Buddhist and Hindu place of learning for centuries.

This is the second district you’ll encounter while you travel across Neelum valley.

2- Keran:

Keran is located 93 kilometers away from Muzaffarabad and well known because of neelum river flowing peacefully. Have some tea while hearing the sounds of Indian drills happening right there on the opposite mountain. This view point gives you a picturesque background to click some bomb ass photos.

A tourist Motel by AJK Tourism is constructed to facilitate tourists.

3- Kutton Valley:

Ever wondered how living in a hut feels like? Have a joyful experience of living in a vintage hut loaded with all modern facilities located by the Kutton waterfall, Jagran stream.

Picture was taken by the writer during her stay at Kutton Valley.

4- Kel/Arang Kel:

Kel is located 19 kilometers (12 mi) ahead from Sharda at the altitude of 6,879 feet (2,097 m) and Arang Kel is a village, hill station and tourist spot. It is located on the hilltop above Kel at the altitude of 8,379 feet (2,554 m) feet. This is accessible by a 2 km trek from Kel.

Arang Kel hiking point.

You have to see this utmost piece of beauty.You are not allowed to die before seeing this place.

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