According to the latest news, Facebook users will find out whether they are among the 87 million potential users whose data was shared with Cambridge Analytica in the Facebook scandal.

Every user is going to receive one of the two notices informing them whether their data was breached.

People will also be shown what apps they use and what data those apps may have stolen while they were casually using the app through Facebook mobile or the on their browser.
Facebook has additionally suspended a data analytics firm called Cubeyou, ahead of an investigation.It will also look into whether Cubeyou collected data for academic purposes and then used it commercially, following a partnership with Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

Cubeyou denies the allegations, however, both the firm and Cambridge University state that the app made it clear that data was for use in both academic and business purposes.

Data Protection:

A statement received by the vice-president of product partnerships said Cubeyou’s apps would be banned from the platform if the data firm fails the audit. Whereas Cubeyou says it has always complied with Facebook’s rules.

The news comes as Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg gets ready to give two days of testimony to US Congress in Washington with respect to the current information outrages.

“The You Are What You Like” is a website created by Cubeyou in partnership with the Cambridge University’s Psychometric Centre. The university said that those who took part would have agreed to their data being used the way it was mentioned in the terms and conditions (for both academic and business purpose) on the site and all the data was anonymised, however, on the current terms and conditions for Apply Magic Sauce, the university states that the site may only be used for “non-profit academic research”.

What is Cubeyou?

It is a firm that is set up to help businesses such as publishers target their marketing. It is unknown whether it has also helped campaigns spread political messages, as was the case with Cambridge Analytica.

On its website, Cubeyou describes itself as having all the best consumer data sources at one place.

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