Facebook Data Controversy: You Can Now Check whether Cambridge Analytica Has Your Data

Facebook app is Notifying Affected Users of the Privacy Breach

Facebook revealed in a blog post that the data of up to 87 million people may have been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica. Most of these users are from United States of America whereas the second largest percentage of people is of those from Philippines. Users of Facebook app from other parts of the world have been a target of the privacy breach as well, according to the latest news.

Facebook has started notifying these people that their information has been improperly acquired by Cambridge Analytica. However, not everyone has received this notification yet. If you haven’t received any such notification from Facebook, here’s a simple way to check your account.

The company has introduced a new tool named ‘See How You’re Affected’, which will be available for all the users in the coming weeks. It will appear on the top of News Feed. It will inform users whether their data has been obtained by Cambridge Analytica without their consent.

Facebook Login

The apps that require Facebook data will now have to be officially approved by the app. This process requires these apps to fulfil ‘strict requirements’ before they can access user’s personal data. This means that apps would no longer be able to ask to access Facebook and its users’ personal information. This information might include relationship status and details, custom friend’s lists, education and work history, fitness activity, book reading activity and much more.

Facebook is disabling Search and Account Recovery

Facebook mobile is going to now disable the feature that previously allowed people to use and enter another person’s cellphone number or email address into Facebook search in order to help find them.

App Controls

Users will now be able to see their apps and all the information shared with these apps. All of this data will be displayed on top of the News Feed to make it easier for people to remove apps they no longer want to use.

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