If you are annoyed by the bad quality of your videos on Facebook, there’s actually a good news for you. After HD, the tech giant now confirms to TechCrunch it’s testing 4K video uploads and viewing using 2160p UHD-1-High-Definition Television standard. Several pages and profiles are now able to post 4K videos to the platform as well as watch them.

The latest upgrade could promote Facebook’s Watch tab of original videos. Sports, science, travel, and fashion videos could particularly benefit from the extra pixels.

As Facebook shifts from short-form, accidentally found clips into longer-form, intentionally viewed videos more well-known to YouTube and Netflix, it will need the additional precision to be in the competition. YouTube began wider rollouts of 4K video in 2014 and 2015 and added 4K livestreams in 2016.

Facebook released 4K support for Live 360 videos back in July, but its standard 2D videos have long been at 720p. That was fine then for regular users. But since the Facebook video is now a centre of attraction for various game streamers and Holywood pro content creators, the tech giant needed to shape things accordingly.

You can check to make sure whether you are watching on the maximum resolution by tapping the gear icon on a Facebook video and switching to 2160p/4K if it’s available.

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