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Facebook has come clean and admitted to their mistake and failure! Apparently, all Facebook SMS notifications sent to users from a two-factor authentication system (2FA), were caused by a bug. This was admitted by their Chief Security Officer, Alex Stamos, in a blog.

“362-65”, or “FBOOK,” are two of Facebook’s two-factor authentication automated numbers which is used for security purposes by conforming user identification by texting them a numeric code to a secondary device, commonly a phone. This same number, however, sent Facebook notifications to users without their knowledge. An attempt to stop this was even more troublesome as users found out that any such attempt would result in their reply to this text being posted online on their profile as their status updates.

Credits: Jerusalem Post

Facebook has been apologetic about this issue in order to avoid getting caught in a potentially disastrous controversy. They stated: “I am sorry for any inconvenience these messages might have caused. We are working to ensure that people who sign up for two-factor authentication won’t receive non-security-related notifications from us unless they specifically choose to receive them, and the same will be true for those who signed up in the past.”

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