Facebook has ordered second seasons of only a few original shows whose viewership is the same.

Facebook’s Watch section was started three months ago and clearly, not much traffic was noted there.

“Watch is Facebook’s three-month-old effort to foster television-like viewing habits on its service by offering original, episodic video programs (and to rake in the billions of dollars spent on TV advertising),” Business Insider wrote.

Since Facebook couldn’t develop the viewing habits of people on its platform, it has decided to order the second season of only a handful of original shows in order keep things in the flow before it wipes out.

The bunch of shows that Facebook thinks can gain the attention of the people are  Refinery29’s scripted “Strangers” show, “Ball in the Family,” “Returning the Favor,” and “Dirty Jobs.”

However, all the above mentioned original shows couldn’t even get 200,000 views.

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