On Tuesday, Kelly and Green, the Messenger product managers announced that Facebook is rolling out a new update that can send higher resolution pictures also known as 4K photos.

The 4K pictures are of up to 4096 x 4096 pixels (the maximum resolution that is being used in smartphones).

“We heard that people want to send and receive high-resolution photos in Messenger, and considering people send more than 17 billion photos through Messenger every month, we’re making your conversations richer, sharper, and better than ever. To send and share photos at 4K resolution, first update your Messenger application to make sure you have the latest version. Then open a conversation and tap the camera roll icon. Select the photo, tap send and the person you’re messaging with will receive the high-resolution photo.” Kelly and Green wrote in a statement.

The new update is rolled out for iPhones and Android users in the U.S, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Canada, France,  the UK, South Korea, and  Japan.

They also compared pictures of two different resolutions to show you the major difference between the both of them.

And to be able to send photos in 4K resolution, you need to make sure your Facebook Messenger is updated.

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