IBM is about to lose one of its potent cloud computing clients as Facebook has decided to take the hosting of communication services in-house, say CNBC

According to CNBC,  WhatsApp has around 1.2 billion people across the globe, has been one of IBM’s top five public cloud customers in terms of revenue and was at one point spending $2 million a month with IBM.

However, the claim of top five made by CNBC was denied by IBM saying that “They they are not a top 5 IBM Cloud client. Not even close. As you know, IBM does cloud work for many of the world’s top companies, and those engagements are much larger.

WhatsApp has been a great client of IBM Cloud as they used our global footprint and capabilities to scale their business,” IBM was quoted as saying.

We are proud of the role of IBM Cloud in their success. It is completely natural for Facebook to seek synergies across their business,” the tech giant added.

Information acquired from Synergy Research indicates that IBM’s cloud business stands behind Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is on the top with 33 percent of the market in April, followed by Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

Facebook left the app running on the servers it has always used after acquiring it back in 2014. As the organization was already in the process of moving its Instagram photo-sharing app which it acquired in 2012, from Amazon Web Services to its own data centers.



credits : CNBC | Gadget360


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