Facebook news feed prioritizing

With an official notice out from the last week. Facebook now have revealed and announced their out rolls on the decision of prioritizing posts for news feeds.

Facebook have decided to let the user decide, how much screen time a publisher could get based on the amount of vote and likeness from their audiences. All this lead to smooth the road for the big step of prioritizing news and posts from friends and family. To minimize the effect, Facebook put the controller in the hands of its users. This in fact is a good idea because after making your choice for your own self, users will all be in for the treat. If the decision would be left in the hands of some third party or Facebook itself, the chances of blame and complain would be uncountable.

The hard question we’ve struggled with is how to decide what news sources are broadly trusted in a world with so much division. We could try to make that decision ourselves, but that’s not something we’re comfortable with.”

However this will also create a buzz for marketers, because in order to appear more informative and authentic to their customers they have to strive more. This is a call for all the digital marketers to ace up their game of authenticity and information. Because if not done right, your name and brand can rest in the corner with complete abandonment.

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