In the race popularity among leading social media websites, one can’t decide who the winner is but we definitely know who’s making its way towards the loosing-side.

2018 is all about Facebook making its way towards headlines, from finding itself in political controversies or making new changes in its policies, the leading social media platform never lost its number of users.

Although, new policy changes like prioritization of trustworthy news on Facebook’s newsfeed or making activities friends and family first, were made to make Facebook a better place. But, these changes somehow made a negative impact on Facebook’s usage.

A report by eMarketer says that, Facebook is still uncommon among teens. SnapChat and Instagram are taking over minds of millennials while Facebook is becoming an application for oldies.

The report says, “Facebook is still adding monthly users overall, but older age groups are mainly responsible for this. The number of total Facebook users in the US will reach 169.5 million this year, up just under 1% from 2017. Meanwhile, Facebook’s proportion of social network users accessing the platform will continue to decline over the forecast period.”

Mark Zuckerberg; the young CEO of Facebook is oblivious of how teenagers don’t really care about this social media platform and grandmas and granddads are taking over Facebook!

Let’s see if the young pioneers of Facebook will introduce new features to make itself popular in the young world again.

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