Facebook is a social networking service which started in February 2004. It was built by Mark Zuckerberg. At first, you have to register to use it. The user may add friends, message them, upload pictures, stories, tag their friends and upload statuses as well.  Facebook allows any users who are at least 13 years old to become users of the website.

It was the most used app among people to connect to with each other. Texting, calling, sharing pictures with friends and so much more.

It has numerous uses. But the basic use of it is to connect to people.

Declining Growth Rate

This social media site was on fire a couple of years ago with the highest user rate. But the glory is now near ashes as Facebook’s growth rate has started slowing down.

In its 2018, the social network confirmed that the number of daily active users in US and Canada has remained flat at 185 million, while the number of European users has slipped from 279 million to 278 million. The loss of 1 million. Which is a humongous loss.

The company is spending in abundance on digital marketing of Facebook, but still, the rate at which Facebook is growing continues to decline quarter to quarter and year over year.

It’s very clear that this social media site has lost its formal glory and the downfall has just started. No matter how many new features they introduce, it’s clear the core Facebook app will not remain on top forever and its growth rate is declining.

But the question comes that which app will replace Facebook?


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