Fashion Market Rip Off
Chaos at Khaadi sale !

Fashion week summer 2019, makes a grand entrance in this heat wave. Designs of The dresses focus on comfort level and matching the season trends. Roaming around the stores during the sale season brings a charm for the women’s to shop for their favourite dresses. However, the price tag even under the label of sale are still at not that worth to purchase.

Most of these brands are selling out just because of a brand name set in the market. Just yesterday I went out to shop for a gorgeous Eid dress with my mother in law, as it was my first Eid after marriage. To my astonishment, even at call of flat off, the price was set to a range, which a plain pant was not even worth buying. However, the main part that was shocking, people were buying as it would be the last piece to wear.

Trends and Facts

Fashion Week Summer 2019

The fact by assignment writing service in Pakistan shows that people neglect that they are being hostage to their desires. The designers take advantage of their mindset to wear extravagant dresses to represent elite class to their friends and gatherings. Hence, these brands are now a means of symbolizing high social class. Many people are under depression and suffer anxiety due to such peer pressures, so that they could fit in.

People need to acknowledge that they being ripped off by those who buy the same fabric and materials at a wholesale rate and selling at a high price under a well formed brand image. Similar designing with a slight change in pattern and colour is all you need to make a fool out of the public. Recently, my mother bought a suit with a different colour but with the same pattern which I bought few years back under the tag of new arrivals, yet at a costly rate.

Nevertheless, many new designers are budding and making an effort to stand out among the other brands. Currently, as the trends for clothes and food cafes are rising in the market. Apart from this the only thing in Fashion Week Summer 2019, these designers need to maintain affordability. In addition, people should not suffer the pressure and stress created by the television celebrities and high socialites.

Developing such society with a mutual understanding and supporting each other will help built a supportive community; while keeping the other brands from rising their prices. This way many people will not be under stress and prevent such crazy sale incidents happening now and then!

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