United States Federal Communication Commission has finally decided to finish the era of net neutrality. The decision will be made official by publishing the order to the National Register on Thursday. Federal Register is a government website, this means that state attorneys general and advocacy groups will be able to sue in a bid to block the order from taking effect.

The White House Office of Management and Budget is still in the limelight as it has to sign some legal papers in order to make the decision being implemented.

Image Source: Readers Fusion

Thursday can become a black day for all those who fought against the idea of reverse and supported net neutrality. However, there is a small hope if one concerns federal court instead of the Congress. However, any legalized action to be taken against the reversal is highly unlikely as president has already shown its support for the decision.

Net Neutrality has a long history of extreme disagreement between those who oppose it and those who support it. Where on Thursday all this seems to be reaching an unfair end.

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