The new beta version of the Google app has been released and gives us a look into multiple new features the company is developing for its Assistant. The folks at 9to5Google did an APK teardown of the app and have shared their discoveries with the public.

We have come across numerous rumours up til now claiming that the upcoming Pixel phones will sport a squeezable frame. The APK teardown sort of confirms the rumour, as it as it mentions an “Active Edge” feature and the ability to “Squeeze for your Assistant.” The means that people will be able to launch Google’s digital assistant by squeezing either of the two Pixel devices.

To recall I/O 2017, Google launched Shortcuts that let you set up custom, short commands for Assistant. For example, the phrase “Workout time” can command Assistant to play workout tracks on Google Play Music. It seems like the company is now expanding this feature with what it calls “Routines” which let you perform multiple tasks with the help of Assistant using a single command.

The APK teardown also disclosed we might see new hot words for Assistant, which are used to get its attention.

You may also have to choose different Assistant’s voice and pick from a variety of resting “sleep sounds” that will automatically stop playing when you fall asleep.

The last thing worth mentioning is that Google may add more podcast-related commands including “Continue last played podcast.”

Do remember that all the features mentioned above are just assumptions, so there is always a chance they all might not be released in actual.


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