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The world’s most famous car company is looking to the future and finally creating an electric car of its own!

The supercar manufacturer finally believes it’s time to switch to electric cars and thinks this is where a sustainable suture lies. Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne, in an interview to Bloomberg, praised the new Roadster unveiled by Elon Musk’s company: Tesla. He states that now is the time to create the very first electric supercar and he wants Ferrari to be the leader.

The automotive industry, especially those specializing in luxury and supercars, were always reluctant on pursing sustainable technologies and resources for their cars based on the fear of decreased quality, mileage and higher costs. However, as the world enters the new age where going green is not only a noble act but a necessary one, there is much pressure on the industry for being active contributors to greenhouse gases and climate change. Ferrari looks to change that by being the initiators of electric cars in the supercar genre. Marchionne predicts that by the year 2025 less than half of the cars will be powered through a traditional engine and motor and that now is the ideal time for a shift in the car industry.

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However, as of this article, no news or updates have followed up and Ferrari’s super electric car is still a dream.

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