Fitness trackers are inaccurate at measuring calories burned.

In light of recent researches, it is recommended that people be cautious about using them to decide what to eat.

The study conducted measured the accuracy of seven wrist devices while 60 volunteers were made to walk, run and cycle.

It was concluded that 6 out of 7 devices were accurate at measuring heart rate with all errors below 5%. Among all the devices i.e. Apple Watch, Fitbit Surge, Basis Peak, Microsoft Band, PulseOn and Mio Alpha 2, the Samsung Gear S2 had the highest error rate of 6.8%.

However when these devices tracked the energy used during the workout, all the devices that measured this particular feature, were far from accurate. All of them even had an error rate above 20% or so.

The issues that come with this flaw in precision included that fact that many people base their diets on the amount of calories they’ve burnt off. So if they are meant to believe through these devices that they’ve lost 300 calories, they’ll feel that they have 300 calories to use.

The issue could be found in the calculations possibly where the companies refer to a standard rate of steps taken to calories burnt, however that rate is different for people depending on their height, weight and much more.

Also, Since companies don’t agree to sharing the exact algorithms it is not possible to know the exact position where the errors lie.

What we can claim for sure is that wearing these devices and using latest gadgets does not ensure weight loss.

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