Menstruation; usually known as the ‘last taboo’ in the sports World, But are there any measures taken to remove this barrier?

Unlike few years ago, people are now addressing this issue publicly and stopped from describing it as a topic that is “not meant to discuss”. In the sport’s World many women athletes have openly raised the issue, that how periods are effecting their training and performance routine.

But the real question is that, what have we done to encounter this last obstacle?

PhD student in England, developed an app that might help elite athletes and coaches in attaining better knowledge of their menstruation cycle, and will provide daily training and nutrition advice as well.

FitrWoman, launched in Boston, has been described as the ‘ground breaking new app’, according to CNN news.

Georgie Bruinvels; co-creator of FitrWoman and elite runner who won the Manchester Marathon on her first attempt, feels that this innovation will help athletes with solutions on how to reduce the impact of the menstrual cycle.

Fighting with confidence VS Fighting with fear:

We believe that this application will surely benefit athletes in overcoming some of the obstacles that menstruation cycle create and re-gain their confidence as well.


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