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Airbnb, an American online marketplace and hospitality service company which facilitates people for short-term renting and tourism solutions, recently expanded their services in magnificent fashion.

Terming itself a service ‘for everyone’ Airbnb has set new company goals and visions. The primary pursuit for them is to be the number one option chosen by tourists whether it is a ‘work trip, family vacation, or the adventure of a lifetime.’


Airbnb Collections:

A service which lets you conveniently select the type of home you want to reside in during your travels. The current options available in their collections are: Family, Work, Honeymoon, Wedding, Social Stays, Dinner Party, One-of-a-kind and Group getaway. All homes are highly rated in quality and stay true to all your needs according to your preference.

Credits: Tech Crunch

Airbnb Plus and Beyond:

To maximize comfort and the feeling of ‘home away from home’ Airbnb has introduced two new tiers of homes. Their new Plus feature is an elite selection of homes from hosts who know how to treat their guests like true professionals. All Plus homes are verified first hand.

Beyond, which is to be launched shortly, are premium homes by Airbnb which do not only provide you with a home to stay in but also offer tourists with a fresh and complete hospitality experience!

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