Ford unveils its first plug-in hybrid police sedan after introducing the first pursuit-rated hybrid vehicle.

The pursuit-rated cars are used for local patrol use that delivers multiple potential benefits altogether. But now the pursuit-rated car has turned into the first Plug-in hybrid sedan, “This is the first Ford police vehicle that can potentially get through an entire shift without using any gasoline whatsoever,” said Ford brand manager Stephen Tyler.

The pure-electric range of the plug-in hybrid is 21 miles that can travel at a high speed of 85 mph on a single power battery. Once the battery gets down, the gas engine comes into action, boosting range to up to 500 miles.
However, the vehicle is made for employees “whose jobs don’t require a pursuit-rated vehicle,” Ford says.

“Other features include heavy-duty cloth front seats with reduced bolsters, rear anti-stab plates, vinyl rear seating and flooring, a reinforced top tray for mounting equipment, a metal console mounting plate, red and white task lighting in the overhead console, police engine-idle feature, unique alloy wheels and an auxiliary power distribution box in the trunk,” Automotive wrote.

The car’s battery charges in approximately 2.5 hours using an optional 240V charger. It can also be charged overnight with a standard charger of 120V.

The automaker will take special plug-in hybrid orders from next month and ship them in Summer 2018. However, the company aims to officially unveil 13 vehicles by 2020 and invest around $4.5 billion in total.

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