Self-Driving Vehicles

Ford is partnering up with Walmart and Postmates to create a grocery delivery service using self-driving vehicles in Miami.

Ford has been using Miami as a tester to test their self-driving vehicles to see how people would react and associate with it.

And now Ford is moving to the next stage, which is, grocery delivery. The company states that they will start experimenting with different vehicles. And with different sceneries with one delivery, or sometimes multiple deliveries at one time in the vehicle. As well as modifications to those vehicles needed to keep perishable food items fresh.

Ford isn’t the only company in the industry testing self-driving vehicles. Some companies have also started to combine the grocery delivery with self-driving vehicles.

Ford has racked up its own experience with self-driving vehicles. The automaker has worked and is still working with dozens of businesses in Miami.

These research cars are driving all over the city in autonomous mode while collecting high-definition mapping data. Safety drivers remain behind the wheel of all of Ford’s autonomous vehicles for the time because they monitor it. These vehicles will be released in 2021.

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