We all love travelling and marking our once-in-a-lifetime moments by experiences through our trips, but the biggest problem is communication and language barriers. Once in a lifetime, we all wanted to know about the place our friend visited once, or what things to buy at a particular place.

To help you get through these communication barriers, ili is developed – your perfect guide.

ili is an on-hand wearable word translator device which translates your word within 0.2 seconds. It’s 120mm in length and 32mm wide. Easy to charge with 1 day battery backup.

Why Choose ili?

You must have heard of virtual assistants like Siri that can also guide you, but they only work with WiFi on. But guess what? ili is WiFi free! You can easily use it anywhere and anytime without a need to connect it to an internet connection. You can get to where you want, ask for chef’s recommendations or what’s the best place to shop.

ili makes it easier to have your delicious dining experience

What makes ili that Special?

Powerful CPU

ili consists of a powerful CPU and optimized travel software that has a vast variety of travel phrases.

Response Time

ili is special because it process your words and translate in the selected language in within just 0.2 seconds.

ili has 5 available versions

Currently, ili has just versions available. It translates English to Japanese, Spanish and Chinese and Chinese into English and Japanese. In the future, users will also be able to add up more output languages.

ili Is Travel Focused

ili is specially designed for users who like to travel and thus, it is more travel-focused. It is more useful for to find where to dine-in, or if you want to find transportation somewhere or go shopping. It has a massive library of travel phrases as compared to general phrases.

One Phrase at a Time

Keep your sentences short and precised because ili processes a single phrase at a time.

ili is super easy to carry and super easy to use. No rocket science, just press the button, speak and here comes the response.

Watch how ili system works:

Check more on www.iamili.com


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