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It’s like every month a new smartphone maker company coming up with something new. When people are talking and comparing the two mega flagship smartphone, iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus, Huawei P20 PRO became the new talk of the town.

Superpowered Smartphone: Huawei P20 PRO can take lit pictures in the dark

Whenever we judge the two latest smartphones, the judging criteria usually build on the ‘camera result.’ But this time, Huawei didn’t give you the chance to compare it with anyone. The Chinese company’s latest smartphone can take perfect pictures in complete dark-condition, and that too without a flashlight or a tripod.

Decoding Huawei P20 PRO magical feature:

Like we said, the Chinese smartphone makers’ claim that the new phone can take pictures in the dark without the help of flashlight or tripod. But there’s surely a third factor at help.

Here’s how the smartphone takes the smart picture, smartly

The P20 Pro takes exposures lasting up to six seconds to get enough light.
The smartphone then uses artificial intelligence to deliver sharp images and avoid the blurring and smearing normally associated with employing this technique handheld.

Artificial intelligence is the key to perfect pictures in dark.

Huawei P20 PRO makers believe that their smartphone ‘could soon become the world’s bestselling smartphone brand’.

The Chinese company told the BBC it could soon become the world’s bestselling smartphone brand.
Well, we can’t disagree with the makers claim. It is one ‘out of the box’ smartphones for sure.

Huawei P20 PRO will be a tough competitor to the ultimate selfies phone, OPPO camera phone:

The makers believe that their Huawei phone is able to rule the camera phone world but OPPO phone won’t let it win so easily.
Another Chinese smartphone, OPPO camera phone, launched its new phone Oppo F7 in an event yesterday in India.

The smartphone will also include a variety of software with artificial intelligence like AI Beauty Technology 2.0, AI selfie and many others.

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