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Hard luck crypto-miners, this juice is a step ahead of you.

Gone are the days when people have to trade or mine to get their hands set on their favorite crypto. A new way of earning Bitcoin has been introduced by this Australian company Boost Juice, which is pretty popular for its juices and smoothies. Through a Facebook post, the company made an announcement that it will be giving away four Bitcoins, once every week, to its juice-buyers for four consecutive weeks.

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Yes, the legit-actual BITCOIN that has been in your money-making dreams since the day its price touched the sky. All you have to do is buy a boost juice and enter a code in company’s iOS or Andriod app.

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Juice Boost has joined hands with Coinjar, an Australian based cryptocurrency exchange that enables users to buy and sell Bitcoins, Ripple Ethereum, and Latecoin to make their juices bitcoin-juices.

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Not only the new offer but the juices of the company are delicious. As the company states on its official website,

“Feeling lucky? Your guessing skills strong? Have a shot at guesstimating the Bitcoin value each day for your chance to win a whole Bitcoin! Simply head to the store, grab any sized Boost, grab your code and download the NEW Boost App to play to win!”

Juicing = 1 Mining = 0

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