Themed cafes are trending all over the world and people have been going crazy ever since. Pakistan is not staying behind in this race. We have Hogwartz cafe, Game of Thrones cafe and Friends cafe in Pakistan.

The oldest and most loved tv show; friends, beats the other two in this race. Friends cafe is Pakistan was exactly what all the fans of this tv show needed.

Picture was taken by the writer during her visit to friends cafe.

Located in the heart of Lahore, Johar town, friends cafe is kept pretty much identical to the Central Perk, which was the iconic coffee house regularly visited by all the main characters of the show.

The name of the cafe is written in its signature font “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” giving some legit vibes.

The highlight of the cafe is the orange coloured sofa similar to the one placed in the middle of Central Perk.

Every wall of this cafe is occupied with numerous frames having pictures of Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica and Ross from different episodes of all ten seasons.

Picture was taken by the writer during her visit to friends cafe.

It even has a cardboard statue of all the six friends holding hands, causing the fans to emotionally attach with the cafe and feel like hanging out with the actual cast. 

The food is okayish with lava cake being the highlight of their menu, served with double ice-cream scoop and coffee as well because the friends discussed, laughed and cried over a cup of coffee. So, you can ignore the food and have a little chit chat session with your squad over coffee, continuing the legacy. 😉

Picture was taken by the writer during her visit to friends cafe.

We have to admit one thing before we move ahead. Our brain always triggered to hang out with our friends too at Central Perk. We all have been there. This is to call out all the fans who have not visited this place, all of you just HAVE TO VISIT THIS PLACE and relive your favorite moments from the show. They also play the title song on request so yeah… 😉 All hail the people who brought friends cafe in Pakistan.


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