If 10 seasons worth of Friends weren’t enough for you then fret no more, Friends Monopoly is exactly what you need!

If you consider yourself the biggest fan of Friends TV show, the most popular show of the decade, and you can quote all your favorite lines from it then the new Friends Monopoly game is practically meant for you!

Believe me, this isn’t any scene of the Friends TV show we’re talking about here, it’s the actual board game released on an official website known as ‘The Works’ two days ago. This board game will take you from your friendly Central Perk to all around your favorite places from the famous TV show.

source: mensxp.com

The game is somewhat same as a normal classic game of Monopoly and the rules are simple. It includes the usual game board, 28 title cards, a monopoly money pack, 16 chance cards, 18 community chest cards, 32 green houses, 12 red hotels, 8 tokens, 2 dice along with one speed die.

You can play the game along with your friends as any of the Friends’ characters. Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler, or Ross, play as the one you love a lot!

So, gather all your buddies who adore this TV show out of all the TV shows as much as you do, and ditch the one’s who haven’t seen this 90’s famous sitcom, because this game will not only make you argue with your favorite people, be prepared to have cat-fights with them too! Also, you might not want to see each other’s face again.

The only disappointment is that the nostalgic Friends Monopoly board game is available only for UK, and US for the time being at $29.99.

This is a good time to invite your friends over, and put the famous sitcom’s “I’ll be there for you” song on repeat up out loud, and say hello to the board game of your dreams!

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