Change has always been inevitable but always difficult to see. In Pakistan, where corruption, crime, and dishonesty run rampant, it’s hard to really believe things are changing. At Telemart, we know Pakistan is changing and we’re at the forefront of that change. Let’s take a look at our beloved country and how everything is changing.

Our People are Standing Up

Whether they are at political rallies, in front of government homes, or raising their voice against corruption, Pakistanis are standing up for what they believe in; what they think is right. We stand together against rape, injustice, VIP protocol, illiteracy, poverty, honor killings and acts of violence in our homes and schools. We stand united on social media, our streets, and in our homes, regardless of the risks.

While we still have a long way to go, we will endure. No matter how many times we are knocked down, we will stand once again to ensure we are “free” once more. We will be free of corruption, violence, hate, racism, and any intolerance rampant in our society.

Our Mindset is Improving

There was a time when female education wasn’t allowed or required. There was a time when inequality ran rampant through our offices. There was a time when starting your own business instead of working for someone else meant shifty eyes and 21 questions with families.

Now, our women are supporting their families. They have more freedom than ever before. Numerous offices support and proudly boast about equality in the workplace. Literally thousands of new businesses are starting and flourishing every year.

Yes, there is still a way to go but at Telemart, we believe we will get there. Every woman choosing to work or entrepreneur who chooses to take bold steps is proof that our mindset is improving. It may be difficult to see or accept but it’s changing.

Our NGOs are Flourishing

There was a time when you would only ever hear of a charity or 2 that was working for the welfare of Pakistan. Today, there are many who are opening their own charities in order to help the poor. Saylani Welfare, The Edhi Foundation, Fixit, and Indus Hospital are just some examples of the many charities, NGOs, and/or organizations that are helping to make Pakistan a better place.

Our Online Economy is Booming

The internet was once a luxury only the rich could use and afford. E-commerce was a term we only heard about in school or studied overseas. Today, e-commerce is booming and Telemart is leading the change. We’ve given Pakistan access to a world of original products at unmatched prices, with a host of payment options and reliable service and delivery.

Whether you accept it or not, Pakistan is changing. In the next 5 years, Pakistan will become a place where anything is possible and everyone is free to be who they want, work as they desire, marry who their heart desires, learn as much as they want, and speak freely once again. The winds of change are blowing for Pakistan and a new dawn is coming – The future of Pakistan. Will you stand with Telemart and help change our beloved country?

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Ahmed Rauf Essa is a business graduate from IOBM. During his education he started Telemart at the age of 23. Telemart is now considered to be among the Top 3 E-commerce companies in Pakistan and the only one to have an omnichannel presence with its retail stores & franchises across Pakistan. Ahmed Rauf Essa is the only Pakistani entrepreneur to win 7 Global & 2 National Awards at the age of 27. He has been a jury member for 9 Global Awards & was also selected as Rising Star by the world retail congress. Ahmed Rauf Essa was also featured in Forbes “30 Under 30” List 2019.