Samasung Galaxy S8’s iris scanner is indeed one of the most efficient recognition feature of its own kind. Hassle-free, easy and simple way to unlock your phone is said to be the revival of traditional methods that includes password, patterns and pin codes. Samsung claimed that the feature is virtually impossible to replicate as iris patterns are unique to every individual which enables the feature to assure users’ security.
Just after a month of release date, Chaos Computer Club (CCC), A German based hacker group founded back in 1981, claims to bypass the iris scanner, adding fuel to the bio-metric security debate. The video posted by hacker group shows the Galaxy S8 being unlocked via printed photo (taken with Camera’s night mode activated as sensor works with infrared light) of the owner’s eye captured using contact lens to replicate the curvature of a real eyeball.

According to Samsung, they are well aware about the issue and investigating it. They believe this simple-looking technique used in the video released by the hackers’ group is not as easy as pie to implement in real life, as per a report by The Korea Herald. “You need a camera that can capture infrared light (used in the video), which is no longer available in the market. Also, you need to take a photo of the owner’s iris and steal his smartphone. It is difficult for the whole scenario to happen in reality,” said the Samsung’s spokesperson.

While tricking a feature doesn’t appear to be a mighty daredevil as its possibility of happening requires narrow circumstances. The Trouble escalates at the fact that Samsung allows users to use iris scanner to make mobile payments, apart from unlocking the smartphone. In such cases, it becomes indispensable that a security feature offered by the company doesn’t become an easy target for hackers.



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