Samsung has somehow managed to keep its 2017 smartphones, which indeed became instant hits, up to the par after the last year’s Galaxy Note 7 incident.

But just because the Galaxy S8 and S8+ didn’t explode or had any issues during its first six months in the market, it doesn’t mean it won’t have any.

As we all know there’s certainly no such thing as perfect, and while few latest handsets seem to split apart with no reasonable explanation, others fail to receive, display or notify their users of text messages in their inbox.

A few details stand out as particularly annoying about the lost SMS message issue reported on the Galaxy S8 duo globally. For beginners, this is such a general disaster that there’s already an entire Reddit “megathread” dedicated to it, collecting together information from multiple complaints spread across many standard forum threads.

As per The Guardian, the issue is not limited to the US only, but few devices in Canada, Australia, France and the UK also got affected by the same mysterious bug.

There’s no way to know the exact problem, as Galaxy S8 and S8+ users are using the stock Samsung messaging app, as well as Android Messages and various third-party services, claim some texts are received without any problem, while others simply won’t reach them. Whatever the issue is, it has nothing to do with carriers, user mishandling or anything like that, so the company needs to publicly address and completely fix the issue as soon as they can.


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