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After French researchers, scientists from the United States have introduced a new cause for cancer.

Recently, researchers from France published a study in which they claimed that ultra-processed foods might be causing cancer. Now, the scientists from the US have identified a new gene that can raise the risk of ovarian cancer in women.

Some might think that because its ovarian cancer, the inheritance factor surely links to mothers. But according to US scientists, a gene mutation that raises the risk of ovarian cancer in daughters is inherited by their fathers.

This can’t be claimed as the ‘only factor’ in ovarian cancer but researchers believe that there may be many other cases of seemingly sporadic ovarian cancer that are actually inherited – some via the X chromosome girls get from their father.

Let’s have a look at the latest findings:

The recent study published in PLOS Genetics; the academic journal published by PLOS, shows that ovarian cancer is linked to genes inherited by fathers or paternal grandmothers, had an earlier age-of-onset than ones linked to maternal genes, and were also associated with higher rates of prostate cancer in fathers and sons.

It is inherited through the X-chromosome and is independent of other known susceptibility genes that women can already be tested for.

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