The recent Instagram trend is this rainbow village in Indonesia.

Fascinated much by colors? If yes, then grab your suitcase, and plan your trip in Kampung Pelangi in Randusari found in South Semarang, Indonesia.

Kampung Pelangi

It was not a place to attract tourist before people were told to grab paint brushes and paint pots to turn. Now, this ramshackle village has been transformed into a place worth visiting. It’s vibrant and bright striped walls have become an internet sensation since then, and everyone’s sharing its images under the hashtag #KampungPelangi.

The local headmaster Slamet Widodo made a request for the transformation of this dilapidated village, and now its has become one unique planet of 223 houses covered in the beauty of different colors and 3D art.

Vogue magazine described the scenes “as like the mystic swirl of a Mara Hoffman print realised in physical form.”

Little imagination and efforts definitely paid off, and visitors come to witness the charming beauty, and most importantly, to have their perfect click.

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