Have you ever seen animated flying taxis? Well, they now exist and are almost ready to take you with them.

The Chinese company ‘Ehang’ this week gave us a glimpse of their next new hit. The video was released showing passengers riding on the autonomous drone, just with the click of few buttons. Ehang is trying to make its first way among the various versions of computer-controlled airborne taxis.

Ehang declared it is the first to carry passengers in its grand drone, in 2015. Since then it has experienced 40 effective journeys. The first picture was shown this week.

The video shows, how Ehang is on the top of their game among companies in U.S and Europe. This aircraft has potential to make travel super easy. It can help people fly across cities in relatively much better size, better speed and hopefully much cheaper too.

In 2016, Las Vegas Ehang invented a buzz at the CES tech conference. The conference introduced their advancements. The video shows how local officials, company executives and more have enjoyed the drone ride, 184. It also features the drone surviving with challenging situations. The drone was tested 1000 feet above with low visibility, night time and even storm force winds. The 184 has turned out to be more than 80 miles per hour, as one of the first passenger drones.

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