“Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, achieving an open and (candidly) honest environment takes time.”

Getting Honest Feedback From Your TeamIt’s easy to just say that I get feedback by asking my team to tell me what they are thinking. And then they will let me know whatever it is that is on their mind. Nope, that doesn’t happen at all because that’s not how it works.

Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, achieving an open and (candidly) honest environment takes time. It’s because it normally scares people to speak up, especially when it involves the person that who is their boss, and has the power to lay them off. They don’t want to lose their jobs.


Start with Your own response mechanism.

Carry yourself in a way that you can be open to criticism. People won’t always have just good things to say about you or to you. You should be able to tackle with whatever they say and listen to them patiently.

You should never take the feedback of your work personally and do not let emptions drive the feedback receipt process. Whether we realize it or not, our mood creates a vibe that our team will pick up on.

Stay calm and the team is likely to tell you what’s really on their mind.


Ask open-ended questions.

These are not necessarily directed at what you are doing specifically but more so about their own role and how they feel it’s going.

This will show them that you are interested in what employees are thinking about without them feeling like you are asking them what they think of you and the choices you make. This is a good opening point for starting up a culture of dialogue that can develop into more specific feedback as the trust grows.

It’s important to always thank employees for taking their time to answer these questions.

Share self-feedback.

It will motivate the team if you will share reflections on yourself about how you plan to improve, the objectives you are trying to achieve with the business, and stuff you have learned about yourself, and the business while building it.

At first, your team would be surprised that you are telling them about what you have learned in the self-reflective practice. However, eventually, they will be interested, and immediately start offering suggestions or input.


Include yourself in the performance review process.

Whenever you conduct performance reviews with various team members, you should ask directly what you could do better. This will let them know that you  realize you are an integral part of their success.


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