KFC’s brand strategy has observed to be quite transforming towards gadgets for the last couple of years. The American restaurant chain strives hard to come up with some of the interesting gadgets. In May 2015, KFC launched its tray typer keyboard. Later in June same year, KFC introduced its photo printer Chicken Bucket. The company continued to introduce bizarre gadgets in 2016, they launched Chicken Box power bank. KFC is also selling their smartphones in collaboration with Huawei in China.

Today, the company launched a to-go chicken box that doubles as Bluetooth game controller. KFC also collaborated with Mountain Dew, so in addition to a chicken sandwich, people will get a soda with their purchase. It’s mounted on top of the box, and it’s something to behold.


The soda mount transforms into a customizable phone holder; the thought is that you put your phone there and pair the controller with it over Bluetooth (by holding down the “home” and “X” button). Multiple games are already compatible with Bluetooth controllers, so any of those should work with the Gamer’s Box 2.0. KFC just iterated on typical mobile controller designs, really. It’s the same product, just with a branded message and chicken in between.


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