It is often thought and said that achieving good grades is your best shot at becoming a millionaire. What if I tell you that it’s not entirely true? And I have evidence to support my statement?

Keep reading. You’ll soon know why.

Good Little Followers

A person who learns his whole life to follow, will not suddenly develop leadership skills as soon as he steps into the commercial world.

For achieving a place in the commercial world, you need to have leadership skills. You have to know how to lead your team and motivate them towards a common goal. And good little followers, who’ve played inside the little circle of rules their whole life will not do much in the commercial world.

The Book of Rules Doesn’t Exist

While it is still true that an average college graduate will earn more than a non-graduate, high paying jobs are becoming harder to find.

Why is it believed that if you haven’t completed your degree, you cannot go out into the world and set it on fire? You can.

The books of rules don’t exist.

James Altucher suggests that instead of seeking a degree, young people should spend their time learning marketable skills.

He says that “If you’re eighteen years old and you want to think about, ‘Well, how am I going to have millions of dollars later on?’, the first thing I’ll tell you to do is don’t spend two hundred thousand dollars on a college degree and waste four years of your life.”


One should have a clear vision of what they want to do. And the work which should be put into making that idea into a reality. There’s no time to be lazy and hang around waiting for the idea to become a reality by itself. Start grinding and working hard until you actually make it.

The Only Rule Into Becoming a Millionaire?

If you’re not willing to go all the way, you won’t go anywhere.



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