According to Bloomberg, the search giant Google has acquired a four-year-old UK-based startup Redux for an unspecified amount. The startup is well known for its innovations in haptic feedback technology and its unique technology that adds audio to normal touchscreens.

The acquisition took place in August last year for an unspecified amount, reported by Crunchbase. The final acquisition was confirmed in December, confirms Bloomberg.

Last year, Redux announced a latest “haptics and surface audio technology specifically for smartphones.” which simply means, the technology allows the feel of physical buttons and keys on a touchscreen.

The surface audio technology essentially allows an audio layer to a display instead of adding additional speakers. Redux claims that its Panel Audio technology can provide “louder, better quality stereo sound directly from the screen”. The startup further claims its audio technology offers better output than the existing speakers on smartphones.

Just for a note, Redux has more than 100 patents.

However, the Google’s latest acquisition coincides with the company’s aggressive efforts to innovate its smart home speakers. Recently, at the ongoing CES 2018 show in Las Vegas, Google announced a new technology called “Smart Display” to integrate touchscreens to smart home speakers. Already, it has partners such as JBL, Lenovo, and Sony onboard for this.

Significantly, The acquisition also indicates Google’s efforts to develop slimmer smartphones. For example, Redux’s technology could enable Google to build phones that don’t require speaker grilles at all, cutting down significant real estate in the smartphone. A number of tech firms are already looking for alternatives to build slimmer and lighter devices. Last year, many of them removed 3.5mm audio jack and quite a few launched edge-to-edge phones.

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