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The wonders of Artificial Intelligence (AI) need no overview. More or less, AI is that one super lucky and nerd cousin who never lags behind anyone in any field. Good news is, now that cousin has become a cardiologist.

According to a report published in Nature Journal biomedical Engineering, Google’s Artificial Intelligence software can now predict the heart condition of a person by observing into his/her eyes. The research papers were carried out by a scientist from Google and its health-tech Subsidiary Verily.

Google AI will use a software to analyze the blood pressure, individual age, and whether the person takes any drug or not. All these things that require multiple blood tests and ECG’s can now be done by Google in a single step analysis by surveying eye images with a 45-degree field of view.


The software is not yet ready for clinical use, however, further research is still in process to identify whether the model needs to be adjusted for better outcomes and authenticity.

“They’re taking data that’s been captured for one clinical reason and getting more out of it than we currently do,”, says Luke Oakden-Rayner, who is a specialist in machine learning analysis at the University of Adelaide.

This AI cardiologist is a promising invention in terms of medical view for many years to come but it can take many testing and experimentation before being used in clinical methods.

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